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Vinyasa Yoga (MyOwnRetreat)  VOL!

Vinyasa Yoga (MyOwnRetreat) VOL!

Yoga retraite weekend in Zeeland met Swetlana Lau. My Own Retreat is een organisatie van FIT body & mind en richt zich op yoga. Alle vormen en alle niveaus. Wij faciliteren yoga-docenten en -scholen bij het vormgeven van hun eigen retraite. Elke docent kan zo zijn/haar eigen My Own Retreat creëren. 

Wanneer: 14 - 16 augustus 2020 (weekend)

Waar: Retraitecentrum De Schouw in Noordgouwe, Zeeland

Wat: My Own Retreat yoga weekend


During this retreat I would like to share my love for flowing yoga , intention, creative sequencing and deep breathing. Vinyasa yoga is an (almost dance like) flowey type of yoga accompanied by music. With a background in traditional ashtanga I've kept a deep attention to breath connected movement but introduced a freedom of movement that most people describe as "a little trip into yourself". This retreat is for everyone, even if you are a beginner, I would love to have you. Yes, it will be a challenge for beginners, but its all about how we deal with these 'confrontations' and there is a life lesson in learning new skills ;) If you are a more weathered practitioner I welcome you too!! Come prepared to sweat, work hard, and be lovingly pushed and expand just beyond what you may think is possible.


I am what I like to call a modern yogi. I am 27, live in a city and before I became a full-time yoga teacher by 25, I juggled 3 jobs. I have 2 dogs and lets say I keep busy, which is why I need yoga in my life! And what I LOVE to do, is bring yoga to everyone, in a way that is fun, yet deeply transformative and also a little challenging, cause don't we all love a challenge ;)

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Het programma opbouw, het aantal lesuren, de voeding, de behandelingen en de prijzen zijn gelijk aan FIT body & mind.   

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