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New Years Retreat: Yoga, Breathwork & Meditation

New Years Retreat: Yoga, Breathwork & Meditation

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Breathe in the new year freely during this deepening intensive New Year's Eve retreat Yoga, Breathwork & Meditation with Rolandjan van Mulligen in our retreat center Zeeveld in Castricum, nearby the sea. From doing to Being, coming home to yourself and healing yourself using the connected breath. With healthy vegetarian organic food, sauna, and optional massages. Take a break and enjoy some days of relaxation, workshops and meeting like-minded people. With festive New Year's Eve celebration!

When: Thursday, December 28th/17u -  Monday, Januari 2th/16u  2024 (5 days/4 nights)

Where: Retreat centre Transitium Zeeveld in Castricum (Amsterdam area)

What: all inclusive intensive retreat with 12/14 classes, workshops and other program components - 22/24 guided hours

For whom: all levels, all ages and men/women. No experience with yoga, breathwork or meditation required.

Language: the teacher is Dutch, depending on the composition of the group of participants the classes are in English, in Dutch or in a mix of English and Dutch. 


Accommodation: full board with vegetarian organic food

Rates: from € 675 for camping to eg. € 855 for a single room. (incl. intensive & holiday supplement)
See RATES/SIGN UP for pricing details (See menu bar. Desktop: top / Mobile: bottom) 

Rooms: 1, 2 and 3 person (with or without bathroom) and campsite.


Leisure time: sauna, massages or treatments, forrest-dune-beach walks or just relax in the beautiful garden

Treatments: massage. See PROGRAM (See menu bar. Desktop: top / Mobile: bottom)


In short: Rest in being!

Every person wishes to be truly happy. And the good news is: happiness is already our true nature.

This New Year's retreat is intended to remember and become completely familiar with your peaceful state of Being. Qualities such as silence, satisfaction, clarity, authenticity, love, and joy naturally flow from Here. What we are looking for is actually our Self. Or as the awakened teacher St. Francis of Assisi put it nicely: "What you are looking for, is already where you are looking from".


During the retreat, special attention is paid to the time of the year. There is space for stillness, reflection and letting go of the old, as well as looking ahead to your personal development towards the new year. We do this through beautiful ceremonies. On Sunday evening there is a Celebration Dance to celebrate life. We will inform you during the retreat about other special classes for this in-depth New Year's Eve retreat.


On New Year's Day, if there is sufficient enthusiasm, we will walk to the beach and do a relaxing New Year's dive in the sea.


Participants about Rolandjan:
Rolandjan's guidance is very caring. Especially with the breathwork, but also with the yin yoga and meditation. Nice varied program. Beautiful music. Could really be myself. Rolandjan has really created something special during this retreat. Ellemarie is a very nice hostess and has also much attention too and much warmth and love accompanies the breathwork." - Ageeth

Fantastic, especially the XL lessons, so nice, so nice and long!" - Leonie

I'm so glad I met Rolandjan! Wise, caring, creative, so complete for my feeling. This was my 2nd retreat with him and Ellemarie, who I also love, with her feminine but powerful and surprising appearance." - Petra

"Wow. Words fall short. It was very special and very nice to be here. Rolandjan's lessons have given me insights about true life, realization about who I Am and complete surrender to what Is." - Leonie


Exclusive program:
This is an exclusive retreat where no other groups or teachers will be present.

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