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Yin Yoga & Sound (MyOwnRetreat)

Yin Yoga & Sound (MyOwnRetreat)

Yoga retraite weekend in Zeeland met Joy & Eddie. My Own Retreat is een organisatie van FIT body & mind en richt zich op yoga. Alle vormen en alle niveaus. Wij faciliteren yoga-docenten en -scholen bij het vormgeven van hun eigen retraite. Elke docent kan zo zijn/haar eigen My Own Retreat creëren. 

Wanneer: 9 - 11 oktober 2020 (weekend)

Waar: Retraitecentrum De Schouw in Noordgouwe, Zeeland

Wat: My Own Retreat yoga weekend


This retreat is for everyone who would like to slow down for a few days. Recharge, connect to the heart and deepen your yoga practice. This retreat is designed for you to nourish and nurture your body & mind. Let’s take a journey to our true selves, letting go of the stresses of our daily lives. The whole weekend will be nice and relaxed moving with the yin energy in our body guided by live instruments.

Autumn represents a time of letting go and as the leaves fall we can take this example to shake off things that are not serving us anymore. As the weather cools and we move towards winter, we can take the time to connect with ourselves. This time of the year is perfect for practicing letting go, being grounded in our body and giving us the opportunity to relax and unwind.

Together Joy and Eddie found that their passion for music, movement and teaching makes a perfect combination. During the last 2 years they developed a series of classes, which they have been teaching mostly in The Hague. This retreat focuses on the Yin & Sound class they have created. Yin & Sound combines a relaxing yin practice with sounds from live instruments. Joy will guide you safely through poses and movement while Eddie accompanies the practice with live music and sound. Adding music and sounds to a yin practice will help you get deeper into your poses.


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Het programma opbouw, het aantal lesuren, de voeding, de behandelingen en de prijzen zijn gelijk aan FIT body & mind.   

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