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Embody your sensuality: somatic dance, yoga nidra & meditation (MyOwnRetreat)

Embody your sensuality: somatic dance, yoga nidra & meditation (MyOwnRetreat)

Embody your sensuality: somatic dance, yoga nidra & meditation weekend retreat speciaal voor vrouwen in ons retraite & wellnesscentrum in Zeeland met Roberta Colombano. My Own Retreat is een organisatie van FIT body & mind en richt zich op yoga. Alle vormen en alle niveaus. Wij faciliteren yoga-docenten en -scholen bij het vormgeven van hun eigen retraite. Elke docent kan zo zijn/haar eigen My Own Retreat creëren.

Wanneer: vrijdag 22 maart/17u - zondag 24 maart/14u 2024 (3 dagen/ 2 nachten)

Waar: Retraite & wellnesscentrum De Schouw in Noordgouwe, Zeeland

Wat: My Own Retreat weekend


Embody your sensuality: somatic dance, yoga nidra & meditation

How often do you look at the mirror and you do not like yourself?Would you like to feel comfortable and empowered within your own body, even as it naturally changes throughout life?


Aging, negative body image, pregnancies, hormone imbalance, surgeries, and injuries are a few causes of feeling bad about your own body. It's time to let go of old images and to redefine your perception of beauty as these changes and adventures are all part of your personal journey which makes you a unique person.


Welcome to this workshop to reconnect to your innate sensuality as the source for creativity and cultivation of self love and sensorial beautiful life. You will experience the meaning of feeling sensual in your body through dancing, breathwork, guided meditation and self-touch.


Roberta Colombano

I am a heartwarming Italian therapist who lived in the Netherlands for many years. My birth name is Roberta (shining of glory) and my spiritual name is Kasha (shining of light) and I am a Somatic Bodyworker, i.e. I deal with people who perceive difficulties in life and help them to come into greater contact with the body and with the emotions through dialogue, movement and touch.


Klik op My Own Retreat - Roberta voor meer informatie over het programma, de docent en voor aanmelden.


Het programma opbouw, het aantal lesuren, de voeding, de behandelingen en de prijzen zijn gelijk aan FIT body & mind.   

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