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Keys to Liberation - intensive training (42 hours)

Keys to Liberation - intensive training (42 hours)

Intensive self-development 7 days workshop, based on  Psychosynthese and Movement Medicine with Livia Frischer in wellness & retreat center De Schouw in Zeeland. With healthy vegetarian organic food, sauna's, hot tub, outdoor swimming pool and massages. 
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When: 20-26 November 2021 (week)

Where: Retreat centre De Schouw in Noordgouwe, Zeeland

What: Intensive week of 42 inspiring hours of teaching, experiences and practices.

For whom: people who are interested in personal and spiritual development

Language: English. One of the team is Dutch for eventual translation support.  


Accommodation: full board with vegetarian organic food

Rates: from € 1.445 for camping to € 1.715 for a single room (see TARIFS/REGISTER for details).

Rooms: 1, 2 and 3/4 person (with or without bathroom) and campsite.


Leisure time: wellness, massages or treatments, go for a walk on the beach, use one of the bicycles or just relax in the beautiful garden

Wellness: sauna's, hot tub, foot bath, massage chair, outdoor swimming pool

Treatments: massage 


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In short A liberating way of life

Have you ever tried to: make a real change in your life, transform inhibiting or distractive habits, or manifest an important dream, but experienced it was too difficult ?

The workshop Keys To Liberation provides the three most essential aspects and the right conditions needed for creating a profound and long lasting transformation.

- First, we will support you to expand your consciousness to higher and deeper levels: Body consciousness, psychological consciousness and even spiritual consciousness, because we cannot create a transformation on the same level of consciousness we are at.

- The second essential aspect is - the workshop will help the participants to connect to the internal resources that are needed to generate the extra energy needed to fuel and support the transformation and bring the longed for change. These resources are inside us, but we need to find the way to consciously reach and mobilise them. When we expand and deepen the 3 levels of consciousness these resources will become more available to us.

- The third aspect is probably the most important one because it enables the first two aspects to develop. Livia and her team are experts in building a safe and caring environment and give professional encouraging guidance that will facilitate the expansion and deepening of consciousness. Only when we feel safe enough we can make the courageous breakthrough that will take the transformation process forwards

Participants about the training

"I loved the retreat because it gave me my mission, my path, my direction and made it clear to me where I stand now and where I am going. It also helped me to become free of all kind of non-supportive beliefs that were in the way. We have laughed and cried and shared amazing experiences. I wish I had done this years and years earlier…"

"This is without any doubt an amazing present and the maybe most interesting journey you can grant yourself…"
(Noor - haptotherapist) 

"I have been on the journey of development for a long time looking for this kind of work. The retreat helped me to free myself from different fears I was struggling with unconsciously. What a liberation!! In the retreat we experienced a growing level of nearness to oneself and to the others in the group, it generated a lot of trust, support, and even deep friendship." (Virginia - Yoga teacher)

"I spent a week in Sweden in a workshop with Livia Frischer, under her loving leadership I could finally break free from very old and persistent patterns in my life. I always experienced the world as a dark place, without much light. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why I felt that way since it was mostly unconscious. These patterns held me back from living my full potential and yet I could not change them. In the workshop we first become conscious of these patterns then we were taught ways to break the old chains and set ourselves free. I feel so blessed that a very persistent pattern was uncovered and released. (Femke - Lawyer)